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Trainning & Development

An initiative from Kritech Group “ To nurture talents and develop skills for better future”

Every human being is blessed with tremendous potential. Talents that one possesses, if properly used, can make a world of difference. Talents need to be adequately nourished and guided. With such an insight and aspiration, we at Kri Tech Solutions shape up the career of the students and boost the productivity of the professionals.
Edusol is an initiative of Kri Tech Solutions to transform such an aspiration into a success story. We detect the hidden talents of students and professionals and nurture them for personal as well as organizational growth. With us resources never go wasted because of the practical direction and genuine momentum provided at each step.
Kritech is a premium package, which customizes education/ training as per the needs and strength of the students/ professionals. It has unique and customized programs for school as well as college students and corporate personals.

Student’s Training programs:

  • • Edusol Vidhya - Exclusive training for school goers. “An association of parents, teacher and students to enhance the quality of education”
  • • Edusol Professional Builder- A training for college goers. A move to bridge the gap between educational institutions & corporate houses
  • • Corporate Training programs: Edusol Corporate - To unleash the hidden potential in human resource of an organization for mutual growth.

Our values & Beliefs:

If we could dispense with the word ‘Training’ we would since our work in indeed more than just training, we call this Professional Development of the seeker. Since we believe that if you can’t use your work in the whole of your life (as opposed to only in the workplace), we haven’t done our job. Our view is that, it is the whole person who comes into a training room, not just the work/job person, and the more we can relate our work to the whole person, the more effective & long lasting it will be.

One size doesn’t fit all:- How can there be, since everyone is different, everyone has different set of mind and strength/ weakness . So no rigid training at Edusol.
Our work is tailored to the people in training, not adherence to a written program.

Work to practice- being told what your weakness is or what you need to fix can be completely demotivating & demoralizing. At Edusol we make our participant engage in the training by different methods so that they can feel the change.

Have fun! – All work & no play makes jack dull boy. Does it ever. People learn best when they are engaged energized & occasionally having a real good laugh. Our workshops are never ever dull.

Versatility of students: It is an era of charismatic people and companies look out for candidates with multi skills. This program will help the students to thrive in their professional life as well as in personal sphere with knowledge of many things beyond their domain.